Sunday, July 7, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Sharon Ashwood's story, Shatter #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including Shatter 

by Sharon Ashwood

One lover is lying. The other will kill them all.

Tessa Harrison takes a cruise to Alaska, desperate to forget her latest failed relationship. But just like her love life, the voyage seems doomed. Who is the specter haunting her cabin? And why are there sea monsters circling the ship?

The answer is shattering.  Tessa's ex--better known as the Sea King--is working his magic to win her back. Tessa has powers he needs to invade the mortal realms, and if he was dangerous before, he's raised his game to new heights. But Maxwell Stokes, captain of the ghost ship Solitude, is a guardian of the gateway between worlds. He's doomed to sail alone--although that doesn't rule out unexpected sparks. From their first meeting, he and Tessa clash and steam fire and ice, enemies and equals. Still, she's a hazard the captain can't ignore. She is the key to his success--or his failure.

Tessa is independent, powerful, and caught between two fierce, seductive males. Survival means backing one against the other. Both want her power. Both claim she is the only woman they desire. But which one is telling the truth?

Tessa must choose--and the wrong choice could destroy both worlds.

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