Monday, July 15, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Cora Kenborn's story, Cursed In Love #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including Cursed In Love
by Cora Kenborn


Respect death and it will respect you.
Those were my mother’s last words. Easy for her to say—she’s not the one called to crime scenes chocked full of charred remains and pissed-off spirits demanding justice.
I’m a sensible New Orleans homicide detective. Conversations with dead people aren’t in my job description. I never asked for this and spent my life pretending it didn’t exist.
A string of ritualistic murders has rocked the French Quarter, forging a dark connection with an ancient secret society whose end game consists of one thing.
I’m in over my head. Unfortunately, help comes in the form of Odyn Broussard—a cranky, condescending, pain in my ass. I’ve always heard it’s best to fight fire with fire.
If that’s true, Odyn and I are about to ignite an inferno.


I’m retired.
That’s what I told the brunette on my doorstep demanding my help. Her mother warned me she’s difficult. Now I’m stuck with a feisty beauty who annoys me with her snark.
Mila Moroz doesn’t believe in our gift. I have to make her accept her destiny, or the outcome will be fatal.
I’ll protect her. I’ll train her. But I won’t give in to this attraction for her. Fighting it proves to be more difficult than fighting the forces tearing us apart.
Time is running out. I have to convince Mila to face her fears or the dark collector of souls will steal from me a second time.

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